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Resident Health & Safety

To feel comfortable with a community, it has to be a place that puts your loved one’s health and safety first. At Springpoint Living at Manalapan, we are fully prepared in case of an emergency, including meeting any and all healthcare needs. In addition to offering safety features such as backup generators, 24-hour security, and exceptional health services, we have experienced leadership both at the community and parent organization levels. The expertise and resources of the Springpoint system are what set Springpoint Living at Manalapan and our other communities apart.

Your loved one deserves to feel safe in their home. Springpoint Living at Manalapan ensures a clean, secure environment at all times.

Our Health and Safety Precautions

Emergency Communications

Our emergency communication system allows us to communicate swiftly with our team members, residents, and families in the event of a power outage or other emergency situation.

Emergency Policies and Procedures

The team at Springpoint Living at Manalapan is fully prepared for the unexpected. As part of the Springpoint organization, we share best practices in emergency policies (including those measures taken to fight COVID-19), and identify areas for improvement with other Springpoint communities.

Disaster Preparedness

To protect your loved one’s security during a disaster, Springpoint has a detailed action plan in place. Through innovative programs, technology, and resources, we are able to maintain our community’s health and safety while continuing to give residents the quality clinical care they deserve.

Committed Caregivers

Our approach takes person-centered care to a new level. Team members are certified in dementia care, giving them a deeper understanding of what it’s like to live with memory issues and disabilities. Our seasoned, capable medical professionals spend time getting to know each resident, so they are prepared to handle any issue that arises and reach out to families with support when needed. And because team members are cross-trained to be universal caregivers, residents will see the same familiar, friendly faces everywhere in their neighborhood.

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Springpoint Excellence

As part of the Springpoint family, our assisted living and memory care community benefits from the support of a larger, established nonprofit organization. We have a dedicated risk management professional, clinical experts, medical directors, and a committee on professional services overseen by medical experts. Our experts are adept at handling all kinds of emergencies. They work in consult with local, state, and federal officials. Our senior management team has years of operational experience in crisis management; we share best practices among our communities; and we have the purchasing power to attain whatever supplies are needed.

Springpoint’s hospitality expertise, strong healthcare partnerships, outstanding care, and multidimensional wellness programs lay the foundation for exceptional assisted living and memory care programs at our newest community, Springpoint Living at Manalapan.

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