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May 24, 2021

When Is It Time to Think About an Assisted Living Community?

Knowing when it’s time for assisted living is a challenge many families face. Often, it’s a decision that gets put off until a major event, like an illness or injury, forces a change.

However, taking a more proactive approach and knowing when to consider an assisted living community can actually allow your loved one to remain independent for longer. That’s because the support offered by an assisted living community helps manage senior care concerns and keeps small problems from becoming big ones.

Unfortunately, there’s no magic formula that answers when it is time for assisted living for your loved one. Every person and every situation has unique circumstances that affect that decision. However, if you’ve begun to question your loved one’s ability to care for themselves safely, you can start watching for these signs it’s time for assisted living:

Household chores keep getting ignored. Initially, you might not recognize a messy house, unkempt yard, or sink overflowing with dishes as a sign of trouble. Chores go undone for any number of reasons, including a simple lack of interest in doing them! However, if this is a persistent problem, it should raise concerns about your loved one’s physical ability to complete the tasks. A tidy home is a safer, healthier living environment, and clutter can make rooms harder to navigate, which increases the risk of falls and injuries.

Personal hygiene isn’t what it used to be. Dressing, brushing teeth, combing hair, and other grooming activities are daily necessities, even if your loved one isn’t planning on leaving the house. Regular bathing is also essential to protect your loved one’s health. These self-care rituals also help an older person maintain a sense of dignity and pride, so if there aren’t physical limitations hindering them, you might also need to consider how living alone is affecting their mental health.

Good nutrition seems to be a thing of the past. It’s true that as we age, our appetites change. However, food is fuel to sustain energy and nourish the body and brain. Regular meals with fresh, healthy foods are important. If your loved one can’t get to the store, you may be able to help with shopping, but regular food preparation is also a concern. A noticeable shift in weight can signal your loved one is eating too little or resorting to convenient, unhealthy options too often.

You’ve noticed changes in behavior or moodiness. All the changes associated with aging can take a toll on an older adult’s mental state. Be aware that while mental health concerns warrant attention in their own right, these issues can also cause, or even be underlying symptoms of, serious physical health conditions. Risks to your loved one’s mental and physical health are indications for when to consider an assisted living community.

Memory slips are becoming more frequent. To some degree, forgetfulness is normal. Not remembering a certain word or leaving the grocery list on the counter are things we all do at some point. You may realize it’s time for assisted living when you recognize that forgetting is more the norm than the exception. This is especially true if these lapses in memory are affecting important things like paying the bills or keeping up with medications, both of which can have dire consequences.

A New Option Nearby
If you find yourself asking how to know your loved one needs assisted living, it’s a good sign that at the very least, it’s time to start researching your options.

You may be surprised to discover Springpoint Living at Manalapan in your search for “assisted living facilities near me.” This brand-new senior living community is now offering assisted living and memory care services to residents in the Manalapan, New Jersey, area. Our senior living community offers an enriching setting where residents celebrate shared experiences and nurture friendships while taking part in innovative programming designed to live their best life at their own pace.

Contact us to arrange a tour and learn more about this new community where your loved one can shine.

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