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August 12, 2021

How Senior Living Technology Keeps You in Touch with Loved Ones in Assisted Living and Memory Care

As time marches on, some seniors may find it difficult to maintain connections with their loved ones and form social ties with peers. Fortunately, advances in assisted living technology are making it easier than ever for residents to communicate within their senior living community and beyond.

At Springpoint Living at Manalapan, we’re continually monitoring senior living technology trends that can improve residents’ quality of life and create a more fulfilling, engaging lifestyle. One example is a technology platform known as Touchtown, which helps residents engage with our Springpoint community, connect with one another, and interact with their families living outside the community.

In part, the system is a method for sharing information, such as broadcasting announcements about activities and other special events on screens throughout the community. However, there are several other ways Touchtown makes it easier for residents to develop meaningful connections. The assisted living technology creates avenues for family members to become actively involved in their new community, while it also allows residents to get better acquainted with their neighbors.

Connecting with Loved Ones

Using Touchtown Family Connector, family members have a direct link to the ins and outs of their loved one’s daily life at Manalapan. Family Connector serves as a connecting point between a resident’s personal network and the community. Features like an on-demand directory make it easy for families to stay in touch with those who are caring for a parent, but more than that, family members are also able to become truly engaged participants in the community.

Using the Touchtown app, website, or Alexa integration, an adult child can rely on Touchtown to keep tabs on activities, news, menus, and other important aspects of daily life that may affect their parent. While some families appreciate simply being “in the know,” others use the information as a basis for engaging with their parent. For example, they might talk with a parent about the day’s activities or make plans to visit when they know a favorite meal is being served.

Another benefit of this assisted living technology is the way it enables adult children to play an active role in caring for and supporting their aging parents. With a lifetime of experience to guide them, adult children can easily identify programs and activities that align with a parent’s interests. Then they can offer encouragement or even a gentle nudge to help a parent engage with others in the community.

Other features like photo galleries and virtual tours give family members an up-close look at the community and their loved ones, keeping those ties strong even when miles or circumstances separate them.

Connecting with Each Other

Maintaining social relationships is important for seniors, which is why another important feature of Touchtown is how it helps promote interaction among residents. For example, a resident directory with contact information takes connecting one step further by including profile details such as a resident’s hobbies, background, and interests, which may serve as common ground for developing a friendship.

Using a tablet, smart phone, or in-room TV channel, residents can also get community updates and check activity schedules to decide how they’ll engage with neighbors. Another handy tool is access to floor plans that help residents navigate the community, which is especially useful for new residents and those trying to locate a neighbor. Touchtown also allows for personalized and group messaging and lets residents send requests for needs like transportation or maintenance.

See Our Technology in Action

Explore how we use Touchtown and other forms of cutting-edge assisted living technology to keep families connected at Springpoint Living at Manalapan. If you’re considering assisted living or memory care for a loved one, contact us to begin your senior living journey

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